Debunked: 'Thai is the World's Most Complicated Writing System' Part 1

Debunked: 'Thai is the World's Most Complicated Writing System' Part 1

There is one clip on Youtube that has probably done more to destroy the spirit of people learning Thai than any other. 'The World's Most Complicated Writing System' (Thai) by Youtuber Xidnaf came out about 6 years ago and while at first the clip just frustrated me through its preposterous claims and deductions, I didn't think much of it.

Over the years however, I have heard soundbites from this clip used by many people as an excuse to justify giving up learning Thai because it's so 'complicated', 'complex', 'confounded', 'has no logical rhyme or reason' and a bunch of other baseless claims.

Last week I heard a bunch of these same, tired, false anecdotes about Thai again whensomeone was convincing themselves of why they shouldn't learn Thai (living here), that I thought I would put a response video together to this clip to debunk the key erroneous points that he brought up in his clip.

Turns out a lot of caca calls for a lot of responses, and so my response video took longer than anticipated - so I've broken it into two parts.
There might be a silver lining to Xidnaf posting his original clip - as now it's given me an opportunity to crystallise the entire writing system, tones, consonants, vowels etc into one (well two) compact(ish) clips. I hope that my response video here can be a tool for people learning Thai - and hopefully inspire people to dive head-first into learning Thai - AND the Thai script as it's a beautiful, logical, symmetrical system that fits the Thai language like a glove.

PS. Apologies for the bad quality of the camera I used for the drop in shots - Thought the webcam would be HD 'enough' - seems that it's not. Lesson learnt.



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj