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Posts regarding Thai Language and Thai Culture including Cracking Thai Fundamentals, Thai Bites and other Thai series by Stuart Jay Raj.

Polite vs. Less Than Polite Thai

I have been coaching a friend lately who is going for their Thai citizenship and is drilling interview scenarios to make sure that: 1. He responds appropriately; 2. He projects the right 'image' of himself through HOW he responds in Thai; YOU MAY BE A SUM OF THE WORDS YOU
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How to Learn the Thai Script

Learning the Thai script - consonants, vowels, tones, tone markers ... I know this is probably preaching to the choir, flogging a dead horse - and many other overused idioms ... but as I read through discussions here, on Youtube and in other groups, I realised when I put my clip out
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Pronounce it Right Joe Rogan - Huawei, Xiaomi, Muay Thai Andy 'Ngo' and 'Nguyen' 'NG' Names

How should you REALLY pronounce 'Huawei' 华为 (華為)? Xiaomi 小米? - How about surnames starting in NG like 'Ng', 'Ngo' 吳 and 'Nguyen' 阮? - And what about Muay Thai (มวยไทย)? Some people spend a lifetime mastering Thai boxing and even moving to Thailand, but still fail to pronounce it
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You're Pronouncing 'D' Wrong- How to Sound Less Like A Foreigner in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Javanese

Learning a new language can be confusing sometimes.  No matter how hard we listen and how hard we try, there are often times where native speakers struggle to understand what we are trying to say. Surely we're saying it right aren't we? Take a look at the following words: dog
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20 Sanskrit and Pali Prefixes in Thai to give you Thai Language Superpowers - คำอุปสรรค 'kʰam upasak'

While the Thai language did not derive from Sanskrit (which is an Indo-european language akin to Latin and Greek), because of its cultural and religious history, there are an enormous amount of Sanskrit based words and influences used in everyday Thai. Take a look at these words in English and
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