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Stuart Jay Raj

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How to Roll your R's

When speaking Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, why can some people roll their R's with their tongue and some find it impossible? In this clip not only will you once and for all be able to roll your R's... or explain to someone else how to do it, but you'll also
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How to Learn Any Language

How to learn any LanguageThere are many theories of how we as humans learn languages, and going through all the data it seems to come down to two key ideas: You can't learn what you don't understand.You can't repeat what you can't hear.The good thing being an adult
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In this clip I answer many of the questions that people have been asking about MINDKRAFT, including: What actually IS MINDKRAFT?What skills will I / my children learn from the course?Will you be actually teaching any specific languages?What if I want to learn a language that's not included
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Who is Stuart Jay Raj?

Stuart Jay Raj is an author, public speaker and multinational business management strategist. He holds a degree in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University, Australia and has fluency ranging from competent to native in over 15 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Danish and other languages predominantly
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Polite vs. Less Than Polite Thai

I have been coaching a friend lately who is going for their Thai citizenship and is drilling interview scenarios to make sure that: 1. He responds appropriately; 2. He projects the right 'image' of himself through HOW he responds in Thai; YOU MAY BE A SUM OF THE WORDS YOU
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How to Learn the Thai Script

Learning the Thai script - consonants, vowels, tones, tone markers ... I know this is probably preaching to the choir, flogging a dead horse - and many other overused idioms ... but as I read through discussions here, on Youtube and in other groups, I realised when I put my clip out
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