MINDKRAFT Brain Builder - Language

MINDKRAFT Brain Builder - Language

Mindkraft Language Brain Builder teaches you to master universal language skills at your own pace by optimising your brain states and mental recall abilities and exploiting easily accessible data so that you can attain native-level fluency in foreign languages

What is Mindkraft?

Mindkraft Language Brain Builder teaches you to master universal language skills at your own pace by optimising your brain states and mental recall abilities and exploiting easily accessible data so that you can attain native-level fluency in foreign languages

After only the first few weeks into MINDKRAFT, it changed the trajectory of my life 21y.o. 3rd Year College Student


There's no need to reinvent the wheel when learning a new language. Your brain and mouth were designed to learn and speak languages. Rather than having to memorise 'foreign' grammatical rules, structures and vocabulary, you will learn powerful universal skills in hearing and reproducing language outside of the filters of your mother tongue, as well as learn to recognise patterns and even predict patterns within a language that you're learning.

While the Mindkraft programme covers core languages and language families including Romance languages, Slavic, Thai, , Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian / Malay, Khmer and other languages, you can practically apply everything you're learning to any target language of your choice throughout the programme, and receive support from our resources and very active learning Discord community with a plethora of language and topic-specific channels.

Check out our Discord group now: https://discord.gg/qAJhCbyRTC

Thought Fluency and Brain State Control

You can't force your brain to learn if it's not ready to learn. In Mindkraft you'll learn how to work *with* your brain and leverage the different brain-states to maximise your learning and improve your overall mental demeanour.

After learning how the mouth operates and escaping the sound filters of English - my mother tongue, in the space of a few weeks, I’ve learnt to read the scripts of Khmer, Burmese, Indonesian, Lao and Mandarin’s Hanyu Pinyin, and pronounce them all much closer to how a native speaker of those languages would pronounce them. Thomas Fowler

Voice and Ear Training

You can't learn what you can't understand and you can't repeat what you can't hear. Mindkraft teaches you to hear sound outside of your mother-tongue's filters, and reproduce the sounds and rhythms from any new language in a way that's much closer to how native speakers of that language speak.

Memory and Pattern Matching

Becoming fluent in a new language is less about memory and more about being able to match patterns and link them into internal frameworks that already exist. The more robust those frameworks, the faster you can assimilate new vocab, structures and sounds and the more readily you can recall and reproduce them.

Learning a foreign language, I’d reached the point of complete desperation. I listened to Stuart Jay Raj’s videos and read his books, so when I saw his Mindkraft course advertised, it was a no-brainer to sign-up.

In the last three weeks alone I have learned more about language learning, and the brain processes involved, than in my entire previous life.

Nobody had ever taught me how to learn languages before. I am not only applying these insights to Thai, but also to Russian, and I hope to add more languages in the Future. Rob S

Data Literacy

The future of the world as we know it is DATA. When it comes to language learning, in the past we had to rely on text books and academic institutions to instruct us - often using language that was quite different from the 'real' language that was spoken on the ground.

With everything that we could ever wish to learn in a lifetime sitting at the ends of our fingertips, the only thing limiting our learning is our ability to gather, analyse and manipulate that data.

Mindkraft teaches powerful, fundamental data skills for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis which will allow you to scrape data from any source or image, and format it in a way that will help you accelerate your foreign language ability.

The bonus is that these data collection, analysis and text processing skills can also be used in your job and any other area of your life where data and text is relevant, giving you an edge on everyone else around you.

Join our MINDKRAFT Discord Community

You can start your MINDKRAFT journey right now and become part of our fast-growing and very active MINDKRAFT Discord Community.  Channels include general discussion channels, voice and coaching channels, language specific channels including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages, Thai, Indonesian / Malay, Vietnamese, Khmer - as well as other channels relevant to MINDKRAFT including data, terminal and Linux, brain and the mind, magic and mentalism, radio, Morse Code, Sign Language and we even have a Book Club channel where members share best-reads and learning from what they've been reading.



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