The Language of People Smuggling

My apologies to those who have arrived at this link for my article ‘The Language of People Smuggling‘ and weren’t able to read the article. Due to legal reasons, I was required to pull the story until the case was over.

The case is now over, and you can read the full updated article here

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I didn't realize my hunt for People Smugglers' families would take me on a hike to the top of a Volcano. I was ill-prepared, wearing only my recently purchased Colorado Memory-Foam Flip-Flops. I am happy to say that they passed the test of fire and made it all the way up and down the mountain. Language certainly takes you to some amazing places!
This post is going to take you on a journey that not many people have had the chance to take.  From my experience spending time with people smugglers in prison, the courts and tracking their families down back in Indonesia, you will have a chance to take a glimpse into the mind of a people smuggler, understand the smuggling business model and smuggling routes, get an insight into the money and business generated from people smuggling and learn how to speak *their* language.

This article has been temporarily retracted.  For more information, I welcome your contact:



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj