In this clip I answer many of the questions that people have been asking about MINDKRAFT, including:

  • What actually IS MINDKRAFT?
  • What skills will I / my children learn from the course?
  • Will you be actually teaching any specific languages?
  • What if I want to learn a language that's not included in the core syllabus?

MINDKRAFT Language Brain Builder I

Wire your Brain to Learn Languages

Mindkraft Language - Brain Builder I is the first in a series of ‘Brain Building’ programmes developed by linguist Stuart Jay Raj that is designed to not only give you a robust foundation in key languages like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Sanskrit, Vietnamese and Indonesian / Malay, but more importantly, you will develop cognitive and motor skills, muscle memory and habits that will put your learning into overdrive, helping you to develop a degree of thought fluency and set foreign language fluency goals that you may have thought previously would be out of your reach.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our nervous system to rewire and learn new behaviours, skills and cognitive functioning. Your brain has the ability to do this - whether it’s learning a new language, a musical instrument or developing that solution to a problem that’s going to give you an edge over your competitors ... and it can all be done without the use of so-called ‘Smart drugs’.

You will train your brain with activities and gain core knowledge that’s relevant to learning any language, which will become part of internal mental structures inside of you that will help you make sense of new learning of both foreign and familiar topics, match and exploit patterns and develop learning habits that kick in automatically regardless of the topic.



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj