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ctf-01Cracking Thai Radio Bangkok Podcast – Learning From Your Environment

CTF 1 –  Let Your Environment Teach You


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Sukhumvit Line สายสุขุมวิท
How much time does someone have to set aside when they’re learning Thai?

That’s a question I always get in my Cracking Thai Fundamentals class.

Last Wednesday I received and email from one of the students that’s going through the course at the moment and he wrote in the email that my words ‘Learn from your Environment’ were just ringing in his head all week.  So he thought

‘Ok, I’ll do it’.

He was standing on the BTS station and he saw the word ‘Sukhumwit’ สุขุมวิท in English that was translated as:

“Sukhumwit Line”

So he copied that word down – that word was สาย ‘Sai’.  สายสุขุมวิท ‘Sai Sukhumwit’.

And when he copied it into his PDA and went home that night, he looked it up in the dictionary and saw that sure enough, สาย ‘sai’ meant ‘line’.

The ‘Sukhumwit Line’ – สายสุขมวิท ‘Sai Sukhumwit’.

Then to his surprise, he saw that there were a whole slew of words that went after it.

You had:

สายไฟ ‘Sai Fai’ which is an ‘electrical’ สาย ‘sai’, which is an ‘electrical cable’.

สายฟ้า ‘Sai Fa’ which is a ‘line of the sky’, which means a ‘lightening bolt’.

รับสาย ‘rap sai’ – to ‘receive a sai’ is to ‘answer the telephone’.

And then finally:

สายเลือด ‘sai leuat’ – ‘line of the blood’ is of course your blood-line, or something that is ‘in the blood’, like music, dancing or acting.

So, let your environment teach you and you’ll learn around the clock.



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj