Chinese Story of 聽 tīng - Compacting Meanings Introduction by Stuart Jay Raj

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This is a screenshot from one of the modules in my new Cracking Thai Fundamentals E-Learning suite. Don’t be fooled from the Chinese character – this is training fundamental principles for learning Thai.
## A Sneak Peak at my new E-Learning Series Over the past couple of weeks, I have set up a green-screen, bought lights, camera and have been hard at work finally getting down to what I have wanted to do for a long time.  That is compile all my usual face to face training into E-Learning and Video modules.  I’m finding that if used correctly, it can be even more effective than face to face learning.

Although this clip talks about Chinese, it’s actually from my Cracking Thai Fundamentals program.  Part of the fundamentals of learning Thai – and learning any language for that matter is the ability to think outside of one’s mother tongue and starting to ‘feel’ the meanings of the new language.   After this clip we go into a series of exercises where new meanings are learned and embedded into our muscle memory and emotional memory without using a word of English.

I hope you enjoy the clip.

Stuart Jay Raj.



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj