Language and Mind Mastery News

Language and Mind Mastery News

Since COVID, the traffic figures have astounded me in regard to people wanting to get back on track learning and 'old' language that they've previously given up on wanting to learn a new language, or get back on track learning and 'old' language that they've previously given up on. With that, I'd like to announce the birth of this brand spanking new 'Language and Mind Mastery News' series. You're receiving this because you are either a member of my online learning academy -, you've purchased a hard copy of my Cracking Thai Fundamentals Book for local delivery in Thailand from me, or you've participated in one of my face-to-face language workshops.

Don't touch that dial! ... I just realised how much that expression shows my age.  But seriously - I do hope that you'll enjoy this journey of this Language and Mind Mastery News series. Each week, I will put an email out that covers topics that I hope will be relevant to a wide range of readers. We will talk about language, culture and learning.

For Learners of Thai - Free Thai Master Coach Programme

For those who are learners of Thai, there's a bonus.  All members of, free and premium will gain access to my new 'Thai Master Coach' programme.  Sometimes coming into and seeing all the resources there can be a little overwhelming and you mightn't know where to start.  The programme will send you a weekly guide to learning that can be jumped in on at anytime and can be beneficial to all levels of learners.  I want to include references not only to my own material in there, but also other Thai learning material that's available out there - I'll be taking you through how I would be going about learning the language in bite sized portions, covering a large enough array content and strategies that your brains will stay active and have fun.  You will receive the first chapter in the coming days.

If at anytime you'd like to opt out of the Thai Master Coach programme, just un-enrol yourself from it at

Kids Vs. Adults - Wiring Brains for Success

2020 has been 'eventful' to say the least.  In January, my wonderful wife and I welcomed into the world our gorgeous new little daughter, Jordan. Education and language acquisition in particular (how many and which languages will she learn?) became a hot topic in our household and prompted me to start researching and designing learning strategies that dealt with early childhood learning.

Over the span of about 18 months, I took on a side project where I tried to find the learning limits of an average 11 year-old kid named 'Sean'.  Covering topics of multiple languages, coding, network security, math, 3d Design and more, young Sean continued to blow me away week after week.  It's my job now to try and replicate that with my own daughter - and hopefully your kids too.  

Check the clip out here.

Join in the Conversation

I'd love to hear your more about what you're learning and how your learning it.  Come and join in the conversation on Facebook at  @jcademy



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