Tones are often just as much of a mystery to native speakers of tonal languages like Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Burmese, or pitch-accent languages like Japanese. In this Workshop, you will learn to train your ear, throat and tongue in a way that will have you mastering the pronunciation of and listening to any tonal language that you put your mind to.


What you will learn:

✓ Learn to hear and reproduce sounds outside of your mother tongue;

✓ Learn what causes even more misunderstanding than mispronounced tones;

✓ Become a 'Vowel Ninja' able to reproduce any vowel accurately across different languages;

✓ Listen to tones from ANY tonal language or pitch-accent language and dictate them accurately;

✓ Master ALL the elements of tonal language pronunciation - not just 'pitch contours';

Want to speak Directly with Stu?

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