Mistakes People Make When Learning A Language

Have you ever spent weeks, months … even years learning a language only to have people still scratch their heads trying to figure out what you’re saying? .. Or even worse? How do you know that people are really getting the message you intend them to get? Have you ever had terrible experiences with language teachers that were ‘native speakers’ of the language you were learning, but didn’t really know how to teach the language – especially to a foreigner!

In this clip, I talk about the perils that we all face when learning languages … and in this instance Thai, the strategy that I developed to help people get around them.

Some of the mistakes we make are hilarious … if you are reading this and you’ve ever been to Soi Ruamrudee in Bangkok, you need to watch the clip lest you follow the hysterical (for others) route that many have trodden before you!


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