Debunked - Thai is the Most Complicated Writing System (Part 2)

Why doesn't Thai use spaces? Surely it would be easier to read if spaces were put between words? Really? ... maybe you'll have a different opinion after watching this clip.

If you haven't watched part 1 yet, here's the link

The Part 1 'Debunked' clip caused so much discussion ... and a little controversy, I decided to re-record the 2nd part here (Note...the 5 o'clock shadow).  While some believed that doing 'debunked' clips of this nature is cruel to the creator of the original clip, the fact that many mentioned that indeed that original 'Thai is the Most Complicated Script in the World' clip by Xidnaf did either make learning Thai harder for them, or just put them off learning together.

In this clip, I summarise someof the more important points from the first clip, then jump into where we last left off.

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