You Don't Know Your Own Company's Name?

You Don't Know Your Own Company's Name?

"How is it possible that you don't even know your own hotel's name?"

As part of the research for our 'Marketing To China' series, we examined thousands of comments left by Chinese guests who on several of the main online booking and review sites used in China. The hotels that we looked at covered properties from all over the world. One recurring problem that Chinese travelers spoke of was that 'The hotel staff didn't even know the name of their own hotel' - or something along similar lines.  In some instances, when staff were asked whether or not this was the 'X' hotel? - Hotel staff shook their heads and sent them away to another hotel despite the fact that the guests were indeed at the correct hotel.

Take a look at the following 6 hotel brand-names:
1 Marriott
2 Hyatt
3 Accor
4 Intercontinental
5 Rosewood
6 Holiday Inn

Now see if you can match them with their equivalent names in Mandarin Chinese from the list below - which I have listed in no specific order:

  • Jiàrì
  • Guīlì
  • Yǎgāo
  • Wànháo
  • Kǎiyuè
  • Zhōujì

Now imagine that you're the staff at the Intercontinental Hotel and a guest just pulled up in a taxi and asked pointing at the hotel if this was the 'Wànháo hotel?' - Would you know which hotel they meant?

Chinese Names for International Brands Revealed

Here is the list of hotel brands again with their corresponding Chinese translations:

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj