Would you Date a Bar-Girl? - Survey Debrief

Would you Date a Bar-Girl? - Survey Debrief

Would you date a bar girl? What would you do if a potential business partner turned up to a business meeting with a bar girl? This past week a survey was conducted in Thailand and 51% of the respondents mentioned that they indeed ‘would’ date a bar-girl and presented an array of reasons why they would, as well as some of the down sides.

Here's the original survey story - https://danaboutthailand.com/2019/05/02/why-would-50-of-men-still-date-a-thai-bar-girl

In this episode of South by Southeast SXSE, Wimintra gives her perspective as both a Thai and a woman on the issue of dating bar-girls in Thailand and where the line should be drawn.  

What about when they take it the extra mile and give them a job in their company?

While we’re speaking about relationships, should a foreign guy do all that he can to accommodate for Thai culture? - And how to couples survive when the two people in a relationship together can’t even speak the same language?

Stay tuned to the end and let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj