'Thinking in Meanings' Sneak Preview on Jcademy - ต่อ tɔ̀: with vector words ไป pai and มา ma:

This is a sneak preview of the second Cracking Thai Fundamentals module “Thinking in Meanings” is going to change the way you think about language and meanings. This module has hours of quality content that will become a cornerstone to your language learning in Thai and other languages from around the region.

Escape the Limits of your Mother Tongue

The aim of the module is to get us being able to think and feel meanings outside of our mother tongue – and any other language for that matter.

In this brief clip (one of hundreds in the module), we learn to put the word ต่อ tɔ̀: together with vector words like ไป pai and มา ma: to open up a new world of making meanings and saying things that we would need to learn different ‘tense forms’ for in many other languages.

During the “Thinking in Meanings” module, I systematically take you through ‘decoupling’ exercises where meanings are tied to body signs and emotions. After that they are then manipulated, bringing you the learner to a point where you start to develop the skill of ‘predicting’ meanings of new words based on hundreds of ‘Guestimables’ that we have worked hard to produce for you. You will also be able to start to make your own intelligible meanings through educated guesses even if you haven’t learnt a particular word yet.

Learn Vocabulary by Default

The goal of this module is not to immediately provide you with new vocabulary items to remember, rather provide you with the skills to be able to put your vocabulary building efforts on steroids, being able to soak up vocabulary from signs, billboards, conversations you hear on the train, TV and anywhere else you encounter the language.

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj