Thai Tones, Consonants and Vowels in One Simple Post

[![Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Stuart Jay Raj_Page_1]( "Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Stuart Jay Raj_Page_1")](
Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Front
[![Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Stuart Jay Raj_Page_2]( "Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Stuart Jay Raj_Page_2")](
Thai Consonant Map 2.0 Back
I have been planning to get this post out for a long time. Just over a year back after I designed my Indic Consonant Compass and Glyphs, one of my Thai students Peter Griebel begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting in Bangkok thought that he would put his Scandinavian design skills to work and developed a second chart initially for his own learning based on my full chart, but only focusing on Thai.

I love what he produced. In this one 2 page pdf document, you have the entire Thai consonant system, vowels, names of the letters and tone contour system. Not only that, through using my glyph system, you can see clearly WHY the consonants are the way they are. I.e.:

  • Why there are 3 Consonant Classes in Thai – How they came about
  • Why there are so many different letters for the same sounds in Thai
  • How the Tonal rules apply to the different classes
  • How the Thai sounds for the Indic Script based letters differ from the original sounds of the corresponding letters

I will post this up first and let you have a look over it. Be sure to read my earlier post on understanding the ‘glyphs’ that I developed to explain sounds and the positions of the mouth.

Here is an overview of the ‘glyph’ images. Be sure to read up on them in my previous post:

Jazz Lessons on Language – Improvisation 101 – Stuart Jay Raj’s Indic Script Compass

[![Stuart Jay Raj Indic Compass Glyphs]( "Stuart Jay Raj Indic Compass Glyphs")](
Stuart Jay Raj's Glyph Symbols

I’ll be back soon to give you a detail description of how to use this chart to accelerate your learning and understanding of the Thai writing system! :



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj