Stuart Jay Raj - Joh Jai เจาะใจ TV Appearance 1 Mar 2007

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A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to cross paths with a great cross cultural / language instructor here in Bangkok called Chris Wright. Chris is a mixed blood Thai (Brit), and has a TV show that helps young Thais get enthusiastic about learning English.

We were originally talking about putting a language / cultural video together for a client. After our first meeting, Chris mentioned to his producers at JSL that they ought to have me as a guest on Joh Jai – Thailand’s oldest (17 years) and most popular talk show.

That Saturday night they called me at about 11pm, the following day I met with the producer for about 4 hours and the next morning we were in the studios shooting the show.

We covered a lot of ground during the interview (originally over 90 mins, but compressed to around 40 mins). We speak about learning multiple languages, learning Thai, I.T., morse-code, jazz, perfect pitch, synesthesia, raising kids, cross cultural training and a lot more.

The interview is pretty much in the same vein as this blog -so for the regulars here, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Happy viewing – welcome your feedback.

Stu (Jay).



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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj