Stu Jay Raj appears on Tom Mintier’s Tonight Show

In October 2007, I had the honour of appearing on CNN’s veteran correspondent’s Tom MintiersTonight Show on True Visions television. We recorded an interview over 2 x ½ hour shows that went to air on the first Wednesday and Friday of October.

Here’s the direct link to the Youtube playlist if you have problems viewing the embedded object below.

During the interviews we cover a lot of ground. I’ve embedded the playlist link here and have listed the topics from each segment for easy referral below.

Happy viewing!

Show 1 Segment 1

  • Introduction of Stuart Jay Raj
  • Is there money in being a linguist?
  • A corporate buffer – Business to Business, Business to Government, Government to Government
  • Shortwave radios
  • How long does it take to learn Thai?
  • Chinese Tones vs. Thai Tones – Yin Yang tones
  • Middle Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Southern Chinese Vs. Thai
  • What are tones?
  • Thai Tones – There’s no word in Thai for Tone
  • Developing an accent
  • Touch Typing in a new language – re-mapping your fingers
  • Vietnamese added to the language list

Show 1 Segment 2

  • Learning to speak Vietnamese on short notice
  • “I’ll hire you to learn a language and then teach me”
  • The connections of Vietnamese with Thai, Chinese and more
  • Sleeping dictionaries?
  • Internet and language learning – new learning techniques
  • Creating a virtual foreign world for language learning
  • The internet shows specimens of spoken language in written form
  • Google and language learning
  • Laughing on the Internet – 55555
  • Blogging and discovering synergies-
  • Avoiding Linguists
  • Separating what they say they’re doing with what they’re really doing
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Converting language and culture into dollars

Show 1 Segment 3

  • Stuart Jay Raj the author
  • Cracking Thai Fundamentals
  • Bridging the gap between language, culture and business
  • How did you learn Bahasa Indonesia / Mandarin?
  • Floobenflahter analogy
  • Are languages really that foreign?
  • Demystifying Chinese
  • Speaking Thai like a Thai ain’t easy
  • Sweating blood over learning grammar
  • Learning more than native speakers
  • Polyglot Children – bilingualism / multilingualism
  • What language is used at home?
  • Speaking to the heart
  • What did you speak growing up?
  • Italian through pictures
  • Kanji Cards – Japanese and Chinese Flash Cards

Show 2 Segment 1

  • Expatriates in Thailand / Foreign Land
  • You’ve become proficient already? Great, now SHUT UP!
  • English Mandarin Cantonese in Hong Kong
  • Language is the Key to Access the people who are otherwise inaccessable
  • Indians in Thailand
  • Political Correctness
  • Profit and Return

Show 2 Segment 2

  • Body Language / Unspoken Versus Spoken Language
  • Kreng Jai
  • Working with Thais
  • Motivation in the Workplace?
  • Does an Open Door Policy work?
  • Hardware vs. Software of using Language
  • Indians in Thailand
  • Political Correctness
  • Australians – Expatriates – Tall Poppy Syndrome
  • Stratified Thai Society
  • English is a Powerful Buiness language?
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Multilingual Facilitation – Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • Thinking in Meanings
  • Translation and Negotiation
  • Australian Joint Ventures in Thailand / Asia
  • Negotiation / Negotiation Skills

Show 2 Segment 3

  • Moderntrade / Bottlers
  • Negotiations
  • Waters is the New Oil
  • Added value water
  • ASEAN Free trade area – transcending language and culture
  • Building strong business, political and local networks
  • Difference between Indonesian and the Thai?
  • Who are the best negotiators? Hong Kong? Shanghainese?
  • Negotiation in Thailand – Bargaining Power
  • Thai negotiators being conditioned by the west
  • Sign Language – Deaf children – Auslan – Signed English
  • Signlanguage programmes language into the body

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj