Is There More Than Just You and Me? - Getting past Khun คุณ Phom ผม and ดิฉัน DiChan in Thai

What Should I Call You? … Hang On … What Should I Call ME?

[![]( "jay headshot 1")]( you ever wanted to know how to swear or insult someone in Thai?

Have you ever wondered why you never hear Thais really use ‘Khun’ คุณ and ‘Phom’ ผม or ‘DiChan’ ดิฉัน when they’re talking amongst themselves?

In this clip we go into what people actually call each other and call themselves in family, normal social situations and even with enemies!  Learn how to use language that will pay the utmost respect to someone, or could insult them so much you’ll be running for cover.

I should note that as I record these clips pretty much on the fly after a little bit of mental structuring first, as I was editing the clip, I realised some mistakes I made when presenting the information regarding the meaning and use of น้า ‘na’ and ป้า.

น้า Na – ‘Aunt’ or ‘Uncle’ – MATERNAL younger brother or sister

อา A – ‘Uncle’ – PATERNAL younger brother or sister

ป้า Pa – ‘Aunt’ Elder sister of either parent

ลุง Lung – ‘Uncle’ – Elder brother of either parent

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj