How to Avoid Telling Someone to 'Go FROOK Yourself' by Mistake

How Would You Pronounce ‘Mang’?

วิธีการใช้คำว่า มั่ง มั้ง และ แม่ง อย่างถูกต้อง

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The correct usage of the three particles มั่ง มั้ง and the ever dangerous แม่ง
## Warning – Some Language (in Thai) in this Clip May Be Offensive You say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘Tomato’ … well, I guess the song makes more sense when you hear it than when you read it as text – and THAT’S the whole point of this clip – as well as introduce three new words / particles to your Thai tool-chest that will help you sound more like a Thai.

In this clip, we will look at three different Thai words that are sometimes written by non-Thai speakers in the Roman alphabet as ‘MANG’.

There are many inherent dangers in writing in transliterations like this that I explain in the clip. One being, that in making an innocent comment, if pronounced incorrectly, you might end up telling someone to go ‘F**K’ themselves.

My apologies if some of the language is a bit harsh (in Thai), but I believe when learning a language, you need to learn all spectrums of the language and know WHEN and WHEN NOT to use it. Learn from this clip and file it away in the memory banks for a rainy day.

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj