A New Language Learning Chapter - Join me for the Ride

A New Language Learning Chapter - Join me for the Ride

If you've been following over the past few months on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Jcademy.com, you will have noticed some big changes are afoot. If you're receiving this article in your inbox, you too are a part of that big change, and I'd be honoured to have you continue the journey with me.

I launched the 'Mindkraft Brain Builder' series back in April, initially as a face-to-face programme for students and parents at one of Thailand's top up-and-coming International Schools - VERSO.  Their learning philosophy is that 'teachers' as we knew them as kids are a thing of the past.  Learning in their eyes is something done by the student - and the best people to 'learn' from are experts in the field that we're learning.  It's the teachers role to coordinate the knowledge that's coming in and provide a framework and resources that facilitate the learning process.

That's exactly what Mindkraft Brain Builder is - it teaches you to master universal language skills at your own pace by optimising your brain states and mental recall abilities and exploiting easily accessible data so that you can attain native-level fluency in foreign languages with the learning always driven from the learner.

The future of learning is also 'data', so Mindkraft provides a very cool set of data and tech skills that allow you to become masters of Open Source Intelligence gathering and analysis, which means that you can extract authentic language from their environment - both physical and virtual and assimilate it with the language frameworks that you've build internally.

What is Mindkraft?

Join in our Active Discord Discussion Group

You can start your MINDKRAFT journey right now and become part of our fast-growing and very active MINDKRAFT Discord Community.  Channels include general discussion channels, voice and coaching channels, language specific channels including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages, Thai, Indonesian / Malay, Vietnamese, Khmer - as well as other channels relevant to MINDKRAFT including data, terminal and Linux, brain and the mind, magic and mentalism, radio, Morse Code, Sign Language and we even have a Book Club channel where members share best-reads and learning from what they've been reading.

Visit our Mindkraft Discord Group at https://discord.gg/UVC5BUE6

Access All the Member Learning Resources and Jcademy and Discord Premium Channels

One of the drivers for shifting all of this in this direction is that I wanted to both speak to a larger audience outside of just the Thai language learning market, and provide a supportive environment to learn in around the clock - even when I'm asleep.  The platform that hosts Jcademy.com started to charge for all the 'free content' members - even inactive learners, so I have revamped the 'free content', and set up a Member Programme that will give you full access to all the member content and discussion groups in our Discord Group, and you'll also get regular updates each week of the top discussions and learnings that were had over the past week.  It will be kept here, so you have a central repository for all the cool learning discussions that go on in the group.

To access all the learning content at Jcademy.com - which is growing by the day, and also to get full access to the premium channels on our Discord server, click on the link below.

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj