5 Ways to not be a Dick in Asia - Wag the Dragon

5 Ways to not be a Dick in Asia - Wag the Dragon

If your local staff in Asia were free to tell you - the foreign management ANYTHING without fear of any negative repercussions, what would they say?  Before you watch this clip, put your guard down ... and please don't shoot the messenger.

In this clip, I have tried to distill feedback that I have received from thousands of locally engaged staff in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Taiwan and other countries in the region, into 5 very actionable things any foreigner doing business in, and / or with Asia should take into consideration.

Some of the points are self explanatory - while others might be a little controversial to some.  I would encourage you to share this clip with your local teams and ask them if they agree or disagree - and ask them if they were to add anything to the list, what would it be.  Get ready for a fun ride.

If you are a local in Asia working for a foreign company and looking for a way to bridge cultural or communication issues - sending this clip to the foreign management / employees with the following short message might be a good starting point:

"Hi  - just saw this clip and I thought it was interesting and relevant to our company."

Let me know your experiences of how you've bridged the cultural gap in Asia in the comments section below.

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Written by

Stuart Jay Raj